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Father's Day

Father's Day

One of Emmett’s first words was ‘Da-da’. When Emmett sees family photos – even now – the first thing he sees and says is ‘Da-da’. If a white car coes down the street, ‘Da-da’ comes out of Emmett’s mouth. When a car pulls in the driveway and Emmett hears it inside the house, ‘Da-da’ is his first thought and expression.

Emmett loves his daddy. Emmett also loves his mommy and there is no question about that. No reason for mommy insecurities with this little boy. The reason for this focus upon Daddy is that daddy leaves for work … and church … and other activities. Mommy almost never leaves so the security is there. But Emmett's daddy has to leave! And all of us surrounding Josh, Alisha, and Emmett know how very hard it is on him to be away from his little boy. We also know how hard he works to arrange and rearrange his work schedule so that he can be there for as many of Emmett's crucial moments as he can be!


Josh is a fantastic daddy and when you see the two of them together you will recognize that. Josh reads stories and allows Emmett to get out of some stretching exercises. Emmett and Josh play catch and explore the back yard and neighbourhood. And they go swimming together in the big local pool. There are so many things that they do together! It is, however, tough to watch hockey together as Emmett so far chants 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', 'Off!', over and over again.  He will learn, but right now hockey is simply not as good as Paw Patrol!

What is the sign of a great daddy? I am not qualified to answer that question, but according to Emmett, it is his daddy!

Josh, thanks for being a fantastic daddy. 

Love from Alisha, Rhonda & Roger, Pamela & Frank


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Lovely tribute. We enjoy hearing about Emmett and his progress. xo John, CarolAnn Bender