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Off To See His 'People'!

Visiting BC Children's Hospital and Canuck Place

Update from Alisha and Josh at 1 P.M. PST Wednesday.

"Long day! Neurologist, blood work, nerve conduction tests, EKG, physio evaluation, and lumbar puncture, all by 12:00! Now time for a nap..."

Emmett is heading to BC Children's Hospital where he will have a variety of appointments and, most important, another lumbar puncture and injection of Spinraza. We are praying and hoping that this goes smoothly for you, Emmett! And you too, Alisha and Josh.

Meanwhile, it's time for a short clip of Emmett doing his favourite things. Playing in the bathtub and driving his chair outside!

Have as much fun as you can at the Children's Hospital and Canuck Place. Enjoy visiting your friends! While we are cringing at the thought of the lumbar puncture, we are optimistic about what the results will be.


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