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See the Difference!

Emmett's Uncle Ben captured this classic shot. Emmett has begun extending his arm and Ben caught it just as Emmett grabbed for his daddy's nose!

It's time for some Emmett clips that show his growth in stature but also in capability. The video on the right he was 16 months old while on the left he is 23 months old. Things to watch for are his head, arm, and finger movement. This one doesn't really allow you to see his feet too well. And isn't he pudgy as a 16 month old! And we will caution you right now, this is a family photo/video essay so get ready for it!

Those of you who know me well will appreciate this video clip. Believe it or not, Alisha asked for Mr. Potato Head. Apart from limited exposure at our house and a couple of stuffed Mr. Potato Heads at his house, Emmett has not been force fed this toy! Near the end of this video there is a cameo featuring Wendell the astronaut cat!

Ella the Elephant jumped into bed with Emmett to wake him up from his nap! While Ella has lost two of her legs, she's still a great source of amazement for Emmett (and Wendell!).

It has been very exciting to watch Emmett's hands and fingers as his dexterity improves. In the pic on the left (below) from April 2016 you can see how his wrists aren't held as you would expect and his fingers are quite curled. Now his wrists are doing much better and, when he tries, even his baby fingers can be straightened.

Watching Emmett play with toys is so much fun. Watching him supporting his head is absolutely fascinating. And then wait until he has a temper tantrum (we don't have that on video yet), where he will purposely toss his head off of the side of the head support and be stuck on the side. Scary at first but now that we know it is happening on purpose, it's a bit frustrating. And funny!

Of course, then there's taking advantage of Paw Patrol to get a fuss free tummy time workout. When Emmett was a baby and prior to being diagnosed with SMA, tummy time was encouraged to help strengthen his obviously weak muscles. Of course, the poor little kid couldn't do anything and would cry like crazy at what he must have felt was akin to torture. Now, he's literally making the beginning moves of crawling! Very beginning, mind you, but so exciting to watch.

It was sunny yesterday so Emmett was out for a neighbourhood roll! He had a lot of fun! The snow is also gone from his front yard so he was able to head out onto the grass. Next Tuesday his loaner Power Tiger chair will be exchanged for a little bit bigger chair. It will be more toddler friendly in that it will handle the bumps and lumps of a grassy terrain much better than this chair. The battery life should also be much improved.

Nothing like a storybook workout before bedtime!


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