Daily/Weekly Thoughts

23 Months!

Emmett is really not very sure about the snow. It's cold ... but the awesome thing about being bundled up for the cold weather is that the added layers provide support which make sitting easier. Plus the hood helps support his head - which is necessary even though his neck muscles are getting stronger.

While he doesn't like the snow very much, that is nothing compared to his distaste for bright sunlight! Combined with snow - it's a bad day!

Just a few days ago there was no snow in Abbotsford - Emmett was out cruising down the middle of the street (no, this is not acceptable behaviour and he was directed to the side quickly!) with his cool shades!

But while Abbotsford is under a "once a decade" blanket of snow, Emmett gets to be outside with his parents to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Even if the only thing Emmett is wondering is why his parents are tormenting him by making him be outside while cold stuff is falling on his face!

And we should be back to the green stuff soon! After several days of record breaking snow fall, tonight it is raining. Freezing rain - so drive safe - but the spring weather should be back soon. Just like this photo taken last week!

23 months old! Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post about some of the amazing progress we are seeing. The road ahead is long and challenging but Emmett has already come so very far. Thank you for supporting Emmett and all of us on this journey.


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