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"New to Emmett" Van

Emmett is feeling fine now and thanks everyone for their prayers and concern. 

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that Alisha and Josh had found a solution to their transportation concerns - a wheelchair accessible van.

Wheelchair vans are expensive. Plus they are very time consuming to make. Yet the 4 door compact car that Alisha and Josh were transporting Emmett around in was simply stuffed to the roof with his equipment for just a short journey. There was barely enough room for luggage for an overnight stay while fitting a wheel chair next to impossible. A power chair – not a chance. This family had to go shopping for an automobile. The question being ‘what’? Simply a larger vehicle to accommodate the volume of material required or some type of mobility vehicle? If a mobility van, how long would it take to get? and how much?

While contemplating what to do for a more spacious vehicle to haul themselves around, the need for a wheel chair accessible van became a priority when Emmett got a power chair. Even though he has only had it for a few weeks, this chair has become an important part of Emmett’s life. To put it simply, he loves it! Maybe even more than swimming!

Josh heard from a long time friend, who’s an occupational therapist, about a family with a potentially available wheelchair accessible van. It was a terrible tragedy for them, as their ten year old child had recently passed away. We could empathize with the pain they were experiencing, yet also so appreciated what they were doing. They wanted their 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan – equipped with a SideWinder rear entry ramp – to go to a family that needed a mobility van for a child. Their tears and sadness were hopefully lightened a little knowing that another little one, Emmett in this case, could make use of the vehicle that they had maintained so diligently.

This six year old van is exactly what a budget minded family would want. It is in excellent shape and, if necessary, can seat six plus the wheelchair. It has a manual ramp which is unbelievably easy to deploy and is also low maintenance. A heavy duty spring means that with just one hand it can easily be opened and closed. Emmett has already been for a couple of rides in his chair in his new van. Without doubt, he loves it! He can sort of look out and up through the front windshield which absolutely makes car rides more intriguing. For most trips he's secured in his car bed, which fits perfectly into this spacious van. That's what they used when they recently made the trips to Vancouver to BC Childrens Hospital.

While the van was purchased for a great deal, it is still a huge expense for this family. Donations to date were being saved up for a big event - and fortunately the big event was getting this van with donations covering more than half of the expense. Thank you so much - we simply cannot say thank you often enough.  We want you to know that your continued best wishes, prayers, positive thoughts are by far the most important thing we need from you. We thank God daily for the progress that we witness with this little boy. He is our little miracle. We hope that sharing Emmett's Journey with you provides you with inspiration, happiness, and joy. We know that there have likely been some tears too! That's part of this journey.

Of course, now that Emmett is upright, he can see that his mom and dad are driving. And that almost knocks his pants right off! I love this look of semi-terror as Josh is getting ready to move the van!


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I love these pictures. My heart is so happy to see Emmett in his new van and off to new adventures. I will share this with the E family. Love Dar.