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Phew! What a Day.

Smiles. Full of smiles.

That's our little boy, Emmett. He's been poked and prodded and checked over and more. And he's smiling! It may take 10 or 15 minutes after the procedure, but then he gives a smile. And then there are probably a flood of them. He's staying overnight at BC Children's Hospital. Maybe longer. Or maybe he'll be home for the weekend.

Tonight he will be monitored for breathing and oxygen levels throughout the night - similar to what occurred at Abbotsford General. He's had a nasal-gastric tube inserted into his nose - and he didn't enjoy that one bit - and he's receiving all food and oral medication that way. He is on an antibiotic because the Doctors believe that this has been brought on by a virus. Blood work - wow, that hurt a lot and I was two metres away from the needle - show that he is fighting an infection.

Alisha and Josh are staying there overnight. We were there and now are back in Abbotsford. We have to get a proper sleeper if Emmett stays over another night. Right now he's in a salmon coloured gown. Faded pink, actually. And Emmett is man enough that he can wear it and pull it off well! But tomorrow we will have one of his own sleepers.

This is a fact of life for children with SMA Type 1. And a terrifying fact for their parents. Emmett has been doing so well. We weren't complacent, we just all thought this a situation like this might still be a few months away.


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I can hear the giggles in my head in the picture of you tickling his feet! Still not sure who enjoys it more though!!Will