Daily/Weekly Thoughts

The Many Expressions of Emmett!

Expression: Go Ahead and Make My Day!

Emmett got a fantastic new chair. This custom made chair offers him support while providing a wide range of reclining positions for him to enjoy. Waving is one of the latest moves that we've been seeing - with Emmett usually waving with both hands at the same time!

Expression: You're Funny!

His Spiderman P.J.'s are a favourite!

Expression: Ha Ha Ha! That's funny.

Emmett enjoys laughing. He has an awesome fake laugh which you'll hear shortly.

Expression: Okay, this is pretty cool. Why can't I take it home?

Emmett recently got to try out a properly sized wheelchair. Alisha and Josh said that it was simply incredible to watch him manipulate the joy stick and move himself about. As he is going to be growing so quickly over the next few months/years, we are hoping that he is able to get a loaner wheel chair to start off. Making long range plans is exciting. And challenging.

Expression: Augh! This water is COLD!

Emmett loves the freedom that the pool offers and he thinks his bathing suit is quite lovely. However, no one enjoys the shock of a first dip into cold water.

Emmett is doing pretty good. He is almost over the cold that he had at the beginning of the month. He does, unfortunately, now have an ear infection which has made him rather irritable. This little cutie is getting bigger and bigger - he's quite a handful to carry around!


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