Daily/Weekly Thoughts

Cold and Flu Season

Emmett has had his flu shot. So have his mom and grandma. His dad, myself, and his Aunt Katie (who's looking for a job in BC) are off to get ours this morning. You should consider getting one too! Maybe after you vote today you can stop off and get your flu shot!

And now, the harsh reality.

Please, don't even consider a visit if you have any type of illness. Not even a scratchy throat. Emmett is extremely susceptable to any type of bug. He isn't paranoid about germs, but all of the adults around him are. You may wonder what the big deal is - so look up on Google or your favourite search engine what a ventilator is. When you or I or a child we know gets a cold or flu, we're miserable. We may even need to go and see our doctor. Maybe even a hospital visit.

For Emmett, that same bug could mean that he requires a ventilator to assist his breathing. Or breathe for him. So, stay away. We're going to be harsh about this to protect this little boy!

If you are well, you've heard us talk about hand sanitizer and washing your hands before you interact with him. This is mandatory at the Willms' home. Common practice over the last few years has been to sneeze into your elbow as this is more sanitary than using your hand - and it's true. BUT don't hold Emmett if you've been doing that. After all, guess where his head will be when you're cradling him in your arms!

Emmett's outings have been drastically reduced. We appreciate restraint. For example, the other day we were out for a walk and one of Alisha's friends and neighbours started to come over to see Emmett - but stopped herself. She looks after her own child and several others. I'm sure she decided in that moment it was better to talk from across the lawn than risk exposing Emmett to something. Even though she wasn't sick! Wow, we so appreciate and respect that.

Emmett is a champion! Thank you for caring about him.


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