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Four generations on one couch! Grandpa Roger, Great-Grandpa Rudie, Emmett, and Josh. Family times are so important and, while much of Josh's family is on the west coast (everyone pictured here is), he also has family that is quite distant.

Here are Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Willms with Emmett and with his cousin, Joy, who is from Atlanta.

A huge thanks to Rhonda and Roger for hosting this evening in their beautiful log home, nestled in the forest on the side of the mountains! Joy's parents are Alicia and Josh (left) to go with Emmett's parents Alisha and Josh! 

Kierstin and Eric (left) and Ben (right) rounded out the 'cousins' who were present this evening for a great "week after the Canadian Thanksgiving' Thanksgiving meal!

Joy thought that Emmett's shoes were quite appealing!


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Aww! So sweet! Little Joy is my niece...my family (and church) has been praying for her cousin, Emmett. Blessings, Hannah