Daily/Weekly Thoughts

Emmett is Smiling!

On Thursday, less than 24 hours since the trial injection, Emmett is smiling. Alisha said he was fussy in the morning but that he broke out the smiles when Dr. Selby came to check on him. He really is a superstar when it comes to wrapping the doctors and nurses around his baby finger. 

Like Alisha and Josh, Dr. Selby is also unaware of whether Emmett got the real drug or the placebo. Two other neurosurgeons actually did the procedure - and they won't say. That is part of this experimental procedure that is an agreement with the parents, the hospital, and the drug company. Alisha and Josh noted that Emmett's heart rate was very fast when he returned to ICU and that he was obviously uncomfortable. Placebo? The real thing? Emmett isn't old enough to tell us if he just got a needle poke (the placebo) or if he got a lumbar puncture (the real thing). All we can do is guess - and mother's intuition is telling Alisha that maybe he got it. Maybe!
On the 9th Emmett celebrated his 7 month birthday. I'm sure that he got a new helium balloon. And if not, I'll fix that next week when I see him. Plus it's time to go in his Jolly Jumper again. And maybe another ride in his little red wagon. Plus we need to get some new photographs uploaded. In two weeks Emmett will be back for the second injection. And then as he nears his 8th month birthday he will get his third injection. After these first three they will spread out over more time. Three of these injections in a month will surely challenge our mellow Emmett and his parents too. 

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