Daily/Weekly Thoughts

A Busy Weekend!

Emmett has had a busy weekend. He had the opportunity on Friday evening to spend a bit of time watching his dad at the MCC Relief Sale in Abbotsford. 

Saturday he spent the day at his Grandma and Grandpa Willms' house. There he got to see his Aunt and Uncles. Everyone got to eat lots and lots of great stuff - while Emmett watched and, I'm pretty sure, drooled. He doesn't know what he's missing, but he knows that the big people are getting stuff he doesn't. Still, breast milk is pretty good stuff. Emmett gets all of the nutrition but none of the taste as it all goes in via his G-Tube. We are getting pretty good at this system. Even though we've sometimes gravity fed him faster than we planned (the new setup won't allow that to happen) or once we're not sure how much he got - as a port was open and the bedding was soaked. Emmett is very patient with us and he knows that we have to learn.

Waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and ice cream - I think that we need to blend some up and feed Emmett some awesome stuff like this. Emmett loves his family and he loves crowds (even though his doctors have advised that he avoid them. Then on Sunday he had a huge number of extended family from Josh's side visiting. It was a special service at Level Ground Mennonite Church. Emmett was invited to the front with his mom and dad as it was his baby dedication service. The message was great - about building community by being a Christian who follows Christ's example of going the extra mile. Then after the service everyone was invited downstairs for an amazing soup and buns meal - with donations being accepted for Emmett's anticipated medical and care costs. Some of Emmett's Ontario family watched via Skype and others will have a chance via YouTube - depending upon technology.







The Church basement was packed. What an outstanding turnout. Throughout the service and the following lunch, Emmett was on his best behaviour. Barely a whine from him throughout. It was, however, quite a hectic day. When he got home he fell asleep and had a nap - that was at least four hours long.

Emmett got a second helium balloon this weekend. His look was one of dumb-founded amazement, as he tried to figure out how his balloon had expanded into two. It was worth every penny to watch him try to figure this out. He actually liked his two balloons better than a bubble maker that makes hundreds of bubbles in seconds. And like millions of babies before him, Emmett has figured out that when he can get his thumb into his mouth that it is a pleasure that his parents had previously denied him.


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