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Canuck Place Goal Met; Let's Keep Going! (And a bit more of the Special Project is revealed!)

Emmett's Goal of $1000 has been met and surpassed in the first seven days - the current total is $1375.00. This Canuck Place Fundraiser held by the Orange Hippos is going on to December 10th; do you think that it is possible that we might break through the top of the thermometer! Maybe even exceed last year's total of $1900! When you donate today, your contribution will support kids and families at Canuck Place. And, if you donate before Nov. 30, your gift will be tripled thanks to Canuck Places' generous matching sponsors LMS Reinforcing Steel Group and friends, Nicola Wealth and friends and Coromandel Properties.

In our last post we shared some of the woodworking details that Emmett and I have been doing. Today, the next part of the reveal let's you see some of Emmett's art - you'll have to watch the video to see the Special Guest Artist that Emmett invited to help out! (Well, if you keep scrolling you'll see the special artist too!)

That's right! Theodore helped paint!

Baby Theo painted the Star! Unlike Emmett, Theodore loves getting his hands dirty and he was right into this painting activity!



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