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The Orange Hippos Are Fundraising for CANUCK PLACE!

Who are the Orange Hippos?

Well, Emmett is the Orange Hippo and everyone who supports him is part of his Orange Hippos' team!

2021 has been a year that western Canada, BC specifically, won't forget for years to come. Not only the second year of the pandemic with many restrictions, but summer saw an extreme heat wave hit which was followed by extreme forest fires. Then this November an extreme atmospheric river dropped over 150mm and more over our province which led to extreme flooding, mud slides, and the west coast being cut off by land (road and rail) from eastern Canada.  There is a lot of turmoil and concern - and there is no exaggeration in the multiple use of the word 'extreme'.

Emmett is Fundraising for Canuck Place. Who is Canuck Place Children's Hospice? This organization is there for families when they are overwhelmed by the extreme medical needs that a child in their family is facing. That is how we met Canuck Place. In 2015 Emmett was newly diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 1, by specialists at BC Children's Hospital and we were introduced to Canuck Place. And we've continued our involvement with Canuck Place and we appreciate having an opportunity to give back a little bit to them. There are two locations: one in Vancouver just minutes from BC Children's Hospital and one in Abbotsford.

Emmett welcomes you to join his fundraiser for Canuck Place. On the very first day, Emmett had raised $275. Now after just a few days Emmett is at $700 and very close to his target of $1000. Every dollar donated by November 30th will be tripled by matching donations.

Want to join the Orange Hippos? Well, you're already an Orange Hippo because you're reading this. If you'd like to support the many children and families who are supported by Canuck Place Children's Hospice, you can click here to make a donation: https://my.canuckplace.org/orangehippos

Emmett and I are working on a special project that will be given to one person who makes a donation to Canuck Place. Stay tuned! Emmett has a lot of work ahead of him - in this video Emmett is supervising my work.


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