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Back Home - Heaven!

There's no question, Emmett was in heaven being back home. He loves the attention and enjoys his familiar surroundings. He slept reasonably well.

Alisha and Josh, on the other hand, are a bundle of nerves that didn't seem to get more than two minutes of sleep. And no sooner did they close their eyes than the feeding machine from - well, I cannot say that - so I'll just say that the feeding machine which was a great gift (but sometimes gifts are a lot of work) would start sounding it's alarm. Alisha and Josh, not really asleep yet, would rush to Emmett to silence the alarm. They didn't need to worry about Emmett. He was perfectly fine and could sleep through a dozen alarms - as he proved last night. The machine was alerting Alisha and Josh that it wasn't happy. It doesn't notify of any issues with Emmett. Very self-centered. Loud. Obnoxious.

Josh was ready to toss it a great distance, but he didn't. He wouldn't let Alisha throw it either!

We had an early morning visit from the nurse who supplied the pump. It's a loaner until their own pump arrives on Tuesday. She checked it out and gave a few really good suggestions about it's use. But when she left, the pump starting sounding it's abraisive alarm again. (That teal coloured box on the coffee table is the pump). After trying all of the suggestions at least twice, Alisha called the paediatric ward and they offered a few suggestions, including come in if it continued to wail away. Which it did, so off to the hospital the four of them - Emmett, Alisha, Josh, and the pump - went. Where it worked. Seriously. For at least 30 minutes it performed it's job in silent wonder - which was good as it was time for Emmett's lunch. Alisha and Josh stared at each other. Apart from calling the pump names (things like, silly pump, goofy pump, loud pump and other cutesy names like that), they had done everything exactly as the nurse's had just done. Except for one thing. Emmett's nighttime feeding is a much reduced volume than his daytime meals. They dialed it back and, like clockwork, the machine began to wail.

Alisha and Josh returned home with a hospital grade feeding pump from the hospital that can handle the low volume of the night time meals. It will have to be returned on Tuesday when the brand new pump arrives. And we will find out, probably about midnight Tuesday evening, if the new pump can handle the abuse and work that our angelic Emmett will apparently force it to undergo. The nurses all say that this pump model is a good one - it just seems that our short term loaner is worn out. The new one will be here soon, and hopefully it will have a volume button on the alarm!

It is heaven being at home. That doesn't mean it isn't a lot of work! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and practical ways of showing you care. It's tremendously appreciated.



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