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The Cardboard Box Boat

If you've been wondering where we've been, you can relax. No news has been good news. Emmett has been working diligently in kindergarten in his distance education program (which takes place at home). He loves reading. He's pretty good at mathematics - especially addition and subtraction. He endures art and crafts. He loves excursions and outdoor/garage projects. The biggest project that we had this spring was building a cardboard box boat. From the beginning Emmett was quite clear that this boat had to be for both of us - that he would not go in it alone. As you can imagine this led to a lengthy search to find the appropriate box. Which was discovered at a fitness store - the right size and very sturdy. Sturdy was needed to hold the weight of both Emmett and I - this little boy is growing like crazy. He's almost 120 cm/4 feet tall and his weight is getting up there! (and my weight is super way up there!)

The construction of this craft took place initially at AES Auto in Burnaby (I picked the box up at the fitness equipment outlet next door) as I had to cut the box down to fit in our tiny SUV. The rest of the build took place in our garage. Emmett helped by first ensuring that we cleaned up the workspace and then offering suggestions. And holding the duct tape. Emmett was impressed that we used almost an entire roll of duct tape. Since we weren't building for a competition we added large plastic recycling bags for added waterproofing - and this was likely a wise addition to our build. But that is enough discussion. It's time for the video!

After you've finished this video, maybe you'd like Emmett to read you a story? Get comfortable, this is a long clip!


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What great reading Emmett!!