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Happy Birthday!

Emmett is SIX today - on March 9, 2021.

Birthdays are very special. Emmett's birthdays are even more so. Last fall when it was obvious that the pandemic was going to have an impact upon our birthday celebration, we were not worried. Because this birthday the big surprise was to be in a big truck! And as Emmett's grandpa Roger works for Valley Carriers in Abbotsford, we had access to lots of big trucks. Emmett got to go to Valley Carriers' yard - when everything was closed down - and race around on his power chair and look at all of the heavy equipment. Grandma Rhonda had an amazing cake that was designed as a work area with trucks and heavy equipment. Uncle Ben ran the loader and put topsoil into the dump truck, and then Emmett got to ride in the dump truck (fully secured in his car seat, of course). Then he got to watch the dump truck dump the load onto his driveway. Then he got to work with the dirt (it was more than play and no, we really didn't get in the way. At least, not too much!) All in all, it was a fabulous 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Emmett!


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Looks like a fun day for all