Daily/Weekly Thoughts

Time is Flying By!

We built a beaver dam and then flooded the garden.

Can you believe it.  It is already February 9th and in one more month, on March 9th, Emmett will be celebrating his 6th birthday. Wow, he is such a big boy. We haven't posted anything since before Christmas, so here is a quick update. In the pic above we were on a hike along the Fraser River and paused to look down the railroad tracks to the city of Mission, on the opposite side of the river. On this trek we saw, from a considerable distance, three trains and one tug boat. Emmett considered it to be a success!

These toys are from 2019, but still great fun!

- the Santa plaques that Emmett created were sent out to the plaque winners.

- Emmett got a personal phone call from Canuck Place thanking him for his fundraising efforts.

- Emmett had an amazing Christmas and he is still playing with his Christmas presents.

- Emmett and I have been exploring new roads and trails near his house and near our house. We have been highlighting our paths so that we can eventually cover every trail within a reasonable walking distance from our respective homes.

- Emmett loves his distance education kindergarten program and he is a fantastic student.

- Emmett has a minimum of two online video meetings a week. When he is bored he doesn't just hit the mute button - he closes his eyes, drops his head to the side, and then starts snoring! Ha ha ha - I seriously didn't teach him how to do that.

And in addition to doing lots of cooking and baking and reading and exploring, we have been building things. This is something you can do at home so we hope that you try it.

We built a jet car! To do this you will need a small box, two pencils (for axles), 4 plastic bottle caps (for wheels), a straw (exhaust nozzle), a balloon, and lots of tape. We added and altered this list with a rubber stopper, automotive hose with a 90° bend, and ball bearings.

Then we built a jet! All you need is tape, string, a balloon, and a straw. For both of these, you will need a lot of room.



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