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A Time To Give!

Canuck Place Fundraiser!

Click on this link to go to Emmett's Canuck Place Fundraiser and make a donation to Canuck Place.


All Funds raised in Emmett's Fundraiser go directly to Canuck Place. Tax Receipts are available. Emmett will select two people from everyone who makes a donation to his fundraiser for Canuck Place to receive one of his Santa's Sleigh creations. Thank you for supporting Canuck Place, an organization that means so much to us.

Recently a Canuck Place van came down the street to Emmett's house. Christmas music blaring through the van's windows. When it stopped at his house several elves and a Christmas tree rushed out of the door bearing gifts for Emmett. It absolutely made his day. And then as fast as they appeared, they vanished. Off to the next medically fragile child so that they could bring Christmas cheer. This socially distanced Canuck Place drive-by was a fantastic 2020 opportunity for Emmett.

Canuck Place is far more than a place that provides Christmas cheer. Every day, Canuck Place is there for children with life-threatening illnesses and families across BC who require support to navigate through one of the hardest times in their lives. Emmett was just 6 or 7 months old when he first visited Canuck Place, which provides clinical care at two BC locations as well as consultations in home or in hospital. Canuck Place provides space for families needing to manage their pain, create special memories, and share love - all at no cost to families. 

Thank you.  Emmett and his entire family appreciate your support.

To make a donation to Emmett's fundraiser, click here!

Dec. 13 update: $125 has been raised. Thank you!

When Emmett was 5 3/4 months old (he's now 5 3/4 years old) Emmett was a little boy who could not support his own head, roll over, or sit up. He couldn't move his legs and the loss of arm movement was so massive that it was inevitable. Emmett was also losing the ability to swallow and sitting in a car seat/baby seat was a danger - he had to be lying down or he would choke on his own saliva. At that very difficult time with multiple appointments at BC Children's Hospital, Canuck Place was there. Recently, Emmett's food pump stopped working - he cannot swallow so all of his nutrition and liquids are provided through a G-tube (gastronomy tube) - and Canuck Place was there and a supplied a loaner pump almost instantly. This is a fantastic organization and we hope that you support it. If you feel that it's too far away from where you live that is understandable and appreciated, but then support a similar hospice near you. Thanks.


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