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Thanksgiving! Then Halloween! ... Then a Lumbar Puncture!!!

Within our family social bubble, we had a Thanksgiving celebration. Turkey, dressing, and all of the rest for our meal. Fantastic cream puffs that Emmett helped make for dessert. It was memorable. But what was outstanding was our games event that took place between the fabulous main course (that Josh engineered) and the Emmett touched cream puffs for dessert. That is when Josh and Emmett introduced us to Carcassonne. Emmett had played this game once already. Just once. But when Josh started explaining the game by showing a card to us newcomers, Emmett interjected and told us what the card meant and how you played it. So from that point Josh just showed the card and Emmett provided the game play rules. It was fantastic. We are thankful, this thanksgiving season, for a little boy who is so aware of his surroundings, takes in everything, and simply loves life!

In the September pics of the first day of Kindergarten Emmett still had one front tooth. This Thanksgiving Emmett has no front teeth and, while the adult teeth are hiding in his gums, it's hard to say when they'll actually make their appearance. Kindergarten has been a lot of fun and Emmett absolutely loves school. As mentioned in the last post, Emmett's kindergarten is a distance education program through Oak and Orca, which provides guidance and support to enhance the education that parents provide. It is going quite well. We have had excursions to the Great Blue Heron Reserve and have been to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch. The 'we' is intentional, as school is truly a family affair plus, due to the challenging pandemic situation and the lack of social involvement in an actual school setting, everyone in the family is involved. Even if that involvement is story telling via video conferencing. With school we are pleased to say that Emmett is doing very well with his sight words and basic math facts. He is number one in his class - although we're not keeping track. Too often people make assumptions about individuals who are in wheelchairs or whose speech may not be perfect; Emmett is a very bright little boy. Don't believe us - when the pandemic is over come and play a game of Carcassonne with him! Then you'll see.

As we draw closer to the end of the month there are two things that you should realize. The first is that you will see the return of Woody the Cowboy. 2017 was the first year for Emmett as Woody, then 2018. Again in 2019 Emmett returned as Woody the Cowboy. And now for 2020 Emmett has once again decreed that he will be Woody the Cowboy. The costume will be tight as Emmett has outgrown all of the Woody apparel that he has, but it is going to happen. His sidekick, Buzz, will likely be making an appearance also. You will also see an abundance of pumpkins at the Willms' house. Hippo pumpkins. And the bar has been raised as this year it was more than one hippo pumpkin. My niece, Carolyn, pushed the envelope further by sending a pic of a 3D hippo face carved into a pumpkin. Challenge accepted. But then Emmett announced to his mom and dad that he and I would be carving yet another hippo pumpkin. Another search of the internet and we discovered the Team Fiona pumpkin carving stencil. While the first two were freehand, this time the stencil is going to be put to good use. By the way, in the pic at the top Emmett picked the two pumpkins on the table as the ones that he wanted to take home! LOL!

 The second thing that we want you to realize is that Emmett will be receiving his 19th lumbar puncture and the corresponding injection of Spinraza just before after Halloween. There was a change in plans at the hospital and the procedure has been rescheduled to November 2. This will be a full on visit with a wide range of blood work, physio tests, and the nerve tests. All of which make for a miserable day for a little boy. He will received a general anesthetic for the actual lumbar puncture, but he's very alert for everything else. While he absolutely loves his hospital people, he does not look forward to this visit. He knows. 


Emmett is working hard on his sight words. Alisha and Emmett came up with this awesome bean bag game to enhance word recognition. Then Emmett and I made the absolutely best ice cream. We will make some for you too! And then Emmett goes for a walk in his Kids' Walk.

School is so much fun. This happened earlier in October when it was still short sleeve weather. We launched pop bottle rockets. We attracted a lot of neighbourhood kids. We tried our best to maintain social distancing ... but Rockets!

Emmett critiquing the elephant he just drew for the story he just dictated to his mom. And he's using the homemade Rainbow Marker Holder - when the caps have been loosened Emmett can access them on his own. Up to now, someone has had to remove the caps for him. While they still have to be loosened, they're not drying out and Emmett can use them, put them back, and have a ton of independence while being creative. *If you want to read Emmett's Elephant story, just let us know.
Counting by 10's to 100 - this makes a very tall tower!
Calico Critters are so much fun!


Outside swimming happened until October 2! It was fantastic. Thanks to Valley Carriers for the use of the pool!
One Hippo Pumpkin. Two Hippo Pumpkins. And maybe Three Hippo Pumpkins!
Have a safe and "Hippo" Halloween!
(Get it, Hippo Halloween instead of Happy Halloween!)

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