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5 Years Old: Strength in Community

Emmett is FIVE years old!

Birthday's are always exciting. Monday, March 9th was Emmett's fifth birthday. But when your birthday also coincides with being the Junior Chief of Police at Abbotsford Police Department, then all of a sudden your birthday is that much more exciting. Police Chief Serr welcomed Emmett to the department and there was an official swearing in ceremony. It was quite fabulous. Chief Serr talked about the department's vision statement, which is Strength in Community. That is absolutely what the fabulous Abbotsford Police Department has demonstrated to Emmett, pardon me, Junior Chief Emmett. That our community is one of strength. In his five years Emmett has absolutely seen how the community has rallied to support him and his family. Chief Serr also talked about how Integrity, Honour, Courage, and Service are the APD's values. And that courage is a keystone of the police officers and the police department - and then he commented on how Emmett's courage in his five years surpasses theirs. Huge recognition for a very brave and courageous little boy. Thank you, Chief Serr. We certainly have seen first hand how your amazing force demonstrates these values.

The entire Abbotsford Police Department made Chief Emmett's day a great one, but there are a few that I'm going to mention by name (at the risk of forgetting someone important). Obviously, Chief Serr for making time in his day to visit with Emmett. Sgt. Joiner and Sgt. Bird for coordinating this celebration and ensuring that everything worked together. And especially Constable Kern. Emmett met Constable Kern at the Abbotsford Air Show in the summer of 2019. I apologize to the air show for saying this, but the Snow Birds and the aerobatics paled beside Constable Kern, his police cruiser, and the attention and care that Constable Kern shared with Emmett. There is no question that a bond was formed that day.

Abbotsford Police Department - thank you for this very memorable day. Pizza and ice cream in Chief Emmett's new office, fantastic. There were a few things that Emmett wanted to sign into official business. They were something like this, a) every Wednesday was 'Talk like a Pirate Day', b) quiet time in the afternoon, c) pizza day once a week, and d) once a month his grandpa (and Emmett, of course) gets to race around in a police cruiser with the lights and sirens on (This last one may be his grandpa's idea). And thank you for this coming Saturday. Blog readers - stay tuned for that!

Emmett, right after the Junior Chief ceremony. Emmett has his badge!

Chief Emmett learning about fingerprints!

Chief Serr has a love for ships - and Chief Emmett has a love for pirate ships!

Chief Emmett getting chauffeured about by Constable Kern.

Chief Emmett and Constable Kern checking to see if Mommy has any priors!

Getting his tie straightened before the ceremony!


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