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Happy Birthday, Emmett! (March 9th)

Happy 4th Birthday, Emmett!

A few weeks ago we started talking to Emmett about how his birthday was going to be happening soon.  Emmett was quite concerned about this, as he had already had a birthday  party. Emmett has very clear memories of his third birthday where he got to ride around the block in a city bus! Emmett wasn’t quite sure why he would need another!!  It took a while to convince Emmett that he actually gets more than one birthday party -  one every year in fact.  Fortunately by the time his actual birthday came around last Saturday, Emmett was more than certain that he wanted another party - and more presents!


Many of you know that Emmett’s Birthday is a really huge deal in our family.  When Emmett was 5 months old a neurologist told us that Emmett likely wouldn’t even live to see his first birthday. The doctor told us that Emmett would never hold up his head, sit up, walk, or talk, and that he would continue to lose his ability to move, to breath and even to smile.  During the two months leading up to Emmett’s diagnoses we had recognized that something was not quite right in Emmett’s little body - but could never have imagined that it would be as terrible as SMA Type 1…


For us, Emmett’s birthday isn’t just a special day, it's a reminder. A reminder that miracles do happen, a reminder of the joy and the love that is in our family because of Emmett. This is why we go all out for Emmett’s birthday, convincing the Abbotsford Fire Department to bring a fire truck and fire fighters to make a little boy happy. This is why we spend hours baking and decorating the coolest firetruck birthday cake - even though Emmett can’t actually eat it. This is why  Emmett’s birthday is the most special day of the year to us…. We were never supposed to experience it. Every birthday Emmett has gives us hope for the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Here’s to many more special days with you, our wonder boy!


We love you Emmett,


Josh & Alisha


Check back frequently throughout this week as more photographs will be added.


Huge Thanks to Engine #6 from Abbotsford Fire Station #1 that came out to celebrate with Emmett. It was awesome, unfortunately, they had to respond to a call so they didn't get any birthday cake. As Emmett lacks lung power, he blew out the candles by waving paper plates!



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