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It's a Secret!

Emmett and I have a secret. We have been planning this for a while. In fact, Emmett told you about it in his blog last summer. After reading the story The Blue Hippopotamus Emmett decided that he wanted to give his mommy a blue hippo on wheels and his daddy a green hippo on wheels. Well, that is our secret project that we are working on. If you see Alisha or Josh, please do not tell them about this blog post or the secret that we are working on. They don't know. If they have been in the room where we have been working on our hippos on wheels, then we either cover them up really quickly OR we tell them to not look OR we tell them to cover their eyes. And so far it is working. We are sure that they don't know about it.

Daddy has been really good about it and he doesn't ask BUT Mommy is always asking what the secret project is. Silly Mommy! But Emmett won't tell her what the present is. And it was very funny because when she was coming close one afternoon, Emmett gave her the best 'what are you doing glare!" It was quite funny.

First though, a video of Emmett playing with his zoo:

And maybe a little bit of music therapy while at Canuck Place in Abbotsford!

Then it was time for both of us to have a nap! We'd been working very hard!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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Awesome project, awesome little boy and awesome Grandpa!! xoxo Aunt CarolAnn
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Merry Christmas to a beautiful family! I love the hippos!