Daily/Weekly Thoughts

Happy Third Birthday!



Wow! Simply wow! Yesterday if you asked Emmett how old he was he was say two. When you asked him how old he would be tomorrow (which is now today) and he would respond three! Every now and then he will sing Happy Birthday to himself. And when you ask him what he wants for his birthday he will go "Ho! Ho! Ho!" because he wants Santa for his birthday. Well, unfortunately he is not going to get Santa but he is going to get something big and surprising. We will have a blog post in a few more days after his Saturday birthday party.

Today is low key. He's going to heat to the Vancouver Zoo to enjoy the animals. If he's lucky, maybe the hippopotamus will be active today! The bear close to the fence. The giraffe peering over the fence at him.

This is also a day to remember everything that has happened since his diagnosis two and a half years ago. How he had lost so much ability to move as Spinal Muscular Atrophy had such a grip on his body. And yet now he is stronger than ever. Sitting up in his Mega Seat for hours at a time playing catch and playing with his mom's doll house. Travelling in a car seat after years of only being able to travel in a car bed. Hearing his excitement as he observes trucks, construction equipment, and buses through his van window. So many positive things have happened. 

Emmett has blessed our family. He is such a joyful little boy.

Ask him to pose for a photo and he'll give you a cheesy smile! Eyes closed too!



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