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To Abbotsford ... And Home!


Emmett is at Home

To Abbotsford and then home! The journey continues.

Emmett's Journey has been one of challenges with twists and turns that literally cause shivers to run up and down my spine. The past two weeks are ones that we want to forget but likely never will. Of course, there are some highlights that we will treasure. The strength that he has shown as he has rebounded so incredibly quickly from this fight with RSV; not even a flutter in his oxygen levels when he was extubated; and how he hides his face and shouts 'no' whenever his mommy tries to take his picture (but then he cranks up his 'cheesy' grin whenever anyone else takes a photo!). This photo was taken late yesterday afternoon. The NJ tube and the picc line were removed early in the evening. 

While we will never know the answers to many of our 'why' questions, we see daily answers to our 'how' questions. How he interacts with his medical team. How he loves visitors. How he simply never tires of having books read to him (he is, however, very selective about which book is read to him!). How tiny he looks while lying inert in his hospital bed yet how tall he is when sitting in his stroller or wheelchair. How he had to be restrained - and as tough as that was on him and us - it was fantastic to know that he was one of the first, if not the first, SMA Type 1 children at BCCH who required restraining for fear he would pull out tubes, IV's, or whatever he could pull out! How strong this little guy is.

Thanks to the staff at British Columbia Childrens' Hospital for their expertise and care. You're simply there when we need you. The new facilities are wonderful.

And now it is back home. Access to more books. His power chair. His colourful megaseat. His cat Wendell. And for his mom and dad, a return to a bit of normal in what has been two weeks of incredible emotion and stress. Alisha and Josh so much want to express their appreciation for your support. The kind words, thoughts, meals were so greatly appreciated. The prayers that were shared from around the world absolutely lifted their spirits. And lifted their little boy!

Thank you! We sincerely thank you,

Alisha, Josh, and Emmett.

While the sign is a painting that was photoshopped, this became Emmett's Corner where family and friends gathered. Thank you to the facilities staff who cleaned around us and then after us. And the view out the window from Emmett's Corner is fantastic - looking out over the city and then the mountains in the distance.






Emmett is acting out the scene from Toy Story 2 where there are two Buzz Lightyears and they fight. But only one of them has Andy's name on his foot!

(If anyone has a tiny Woody the Cowboy that you no longer need, please let us know. Emmett lost his! This is the size that would just fit a three year old's hand. We have lots of bigger ones, but lost the tiny one!)


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