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Please, Pray for Emmett

Emmett is having a very rough go right now. His medical team is discussing what to do next. He is not getting enough oxygen. They're raising his bi-pap as much as they can. Obviously they're monitoring him, but if they deem that is not enough then they may intubate him. This is a more invasive procedure - and very scary for all of us.

I can only ask that you pray for him. He is in the hands of the best medical team available to him.

Alisha and Josh have barely left his side since being admitted Friday. Pam and I were with him all afternoon. While he was obviously struggling we were optimistic. But now the doctors need to make some decisions and Emmett needs a boost of strength.

This illness hit him rapidly late Thursday night. It's still progressing rapidly. There is a bunch of mucus/secretions in one of his lungs. They're doing chest physio and suctioning every two to three hours to get it out. Intubation is a definite possibility if he continues to get worse. This could lead to a bacterial infection like pneumonia in his lungs. We beg our family and friends to pray - and get family and friends to pray.

Monday 9:11 p.m.


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We know that God has this special little boy in His care. We are asking for a miracle for Emmett and peace and rest for Alishia