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In March I Will Be Three

If you didn't realize this already, I think that Emmett is extremely adorable. And smart. And cuddly! This past November in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia it has rained and rained and rained. Emmett's outside time has been severely curtailed. Yes, there is a giant poncho to cover up Emmett and his power chair but it is still not as great as awesome sunshine. The result - more reading time. "Book! Book! Book!" is Emmett's favourite phrase. And he got lots of reading time this past month. And reading time means cuddle time!

His speech is getting more and more recognizable. And like other toddlers he picks up on the most adorable things - or things that parents absolutely wish hadn't been heard. Recently we were all getting ready to go outside but I couldn't find his hat (it was packed in a container already in the van) so I put one of mine on him. Then perhaps I commented about him having a 'fat head'. It's quite possible someone else said that as it was a long time ago and I'm having trouble recalling the facts. At any rate, Emmett said 'Fat Head'. Someone laughed. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me. But that started it. The chant was even more pronounced than "Book. Book. Book." Except it was "Fat Head! Fat Head! Fat Head!" over and over again. He would finally stop but then if he saw me the chant would start up again. Sigh! I'm working hard to ensure that I don't teach him any more unique phrases.


Yesterday Alisha and Emmett surprised me with a question and answer session.

Alisah, "Emmett, how old will you be in March?"

Emmett held up three fingers and exclaimed, "Three!"

"How old are you now was followed with a two and two fingers held up. We are so excited and happy for the speech and the finger control that Emmett has. We pray for more and more!

Emmett is also thrilled that it is Christmas time. His fascination with the Baby Jesus, in Nativity scenes, has carried over from previous Christmas seasons. However, we have to tell you that it is minor when compared to his desire to see "Ho!Ho!Ho!" who, according to Emmett, is visible every evening in the night sky. Emmett was supposed to have been on an excursion with Canuck Place in which Santa Claus was going to be a prime feature - but the cold that he has put a stop to that outing. Emmett loves his Christmas tree and checking out the ornaments. Wendell the cat also likes the Christmas tree and, believe it or not, also likes checking out the ornaments.

Emmett does love his power chair! The speed! The freedom! The flexibility! That is, until he does something like get stuck or jam a wheel. Then it is a catastrophe of the largest order. Even worse, a time out because he ran into someone. That qualifies as an instant time out in which his joystick is deactivated and he has to sit and contemplate his actions. My goodness, the alligator tears are huge when this happens. Fortunately, his control is quite exceptional and he doesn't usually run into people or things. But when he does, it is quite possible that it was intentional! Of course, there are accidents like yesterday, when he was having fun outside and he accidentally rammed a concrete step. This jammed a wheel and brought his fun to a stop. With a bit of help the wheel was freed up and Emmett was rolling again, chasing a ball around, and then showing some neighbours his new headlight and flashing tail lights. He's visible when he's out for late afternoon strolls!
On the ninth Emmett was two years and nine months old. The milestones continue!

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