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Emmett is Improving

Emmett is improving! He will be in the hospital in ICU for a few more days, but as you can see in the photo the full face mask has been replaced with an elephant nose mask. This means that his expressions and vocalizations will be much clearer. It also means that his lungs are not as stressed as they were before. This little mask makes it much easier on Emmett. You can also see that Buzz and Woody, along with Emmett's faithful bunny, are there helping Emmett along. His lungs are gradually making less and less sound as they are clearing up. His oxygen levels are improving and his heart rate is slowing back down. 

Your prayers and warm wishes have been so gratefully appreciated. And are still needed. Alisha and Josh are exhausted. We need Emmett to get all better so that he can return home!

To Infinity and Beyond!


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Thanks for sharing the good news that Emmett is improving. In this photo he looks like he is just biding his time till he can get home! We pray for his quick and complete recovery, and for hours of lovely, refreshing sleep for Josh and Alisha!