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June 2023

Thirty Lumbar Punctures!

Yes, that is right. Thirty. Three Zero. 30!

Does it make a difference - yes it absolutely does! Almost from the first injection when Emmett was only 6 months old and in a worldwide, blind drug trial, we have seen the difference that the drug now called Spinraza makes. Today, June 16, 2023 Emmett is receiving his 30th lumbar puncture.

Emmett loves school and is in the last couple of weeks of Grade Two. He is looking forward to Grade Three in the fall.
Emmett has participated in Hippotherapy for the past two years. His current horse, Pepsi, loves the carrots that Emmett feeds her.
Challenger Baseball joins Emmett with a teammate. They have a lot of fun out on the baseball field.
Power Wheelchair Soccer with Sportability is a sport that Emmett really enjoys.
Heading out fishing on the open water in the canoe is so much fun ... actually Emmett doesn't really enjoy it a whole bunch! LOL
His school had a fun fair with all kinds of activities and displays - including snakes!
It was light rain on the day that we selected to pick Emmett up from school with the bike and weehoo trailer.
And Emmett still loves going camping. We were out at the end of May before wildfires and dry conditions caused campfire bans. Emmett and Theo had a great weekend camping with their parents and all four grandparents. We were very lucky because the mosquitoes were not bad at all (did you know that in the world mosquitoes cause more human deaths than any other animal or insect! No wonder Emmett really, intensely dislikes them.)

Lumbar puncture #30 is probably done by the time that you read this.

Way to go, Emmett! You are one tough cookie!

By the way, Emmett helped make an Apple Cream Pie. It was his idea and it was amazing.


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