Daily/Weekly Thoughts

April 2023

So Many Things!

The guys' camping trip - and yes it was cold! Dropping eggs off the balcony to see if they could survive the drop! Pop Bottle rockets in the front yard! Launching Eggs into the sky with the Pop Bottle Rockets - in the name of science, of course! Could they survive! This is a story in picture and video.

This is the first no rain at all guys' camping trip that we've had in ages! But it was cold! Good thing we had a furnace at night time and fires when we needed them.

We had a loaner Hippocampe Chair, which is a large wheel multi-terrain manual chair. It was fun and great for long distance trails. We are going to build our own version of an off-road manual chair (the price tag on these units is astronomical!).

Even though it was a weekend and a guys' camping trip, Emmett was still doing a lot of reading! Grade 2 means a lot of work.

Theodore wasn't with us the entire time, but he joined us for lunch the day we went to Rolley Lake Provincial Park and lunch when we left! So did his Mom and Grandma!

Emmett loves everything about camping (except mosquitoes. He HATES mosquitoes!) The aroma of a campfire, BBQ steak and salmon, roasting marshmallows, even a small taste of a toasted marshmallow! All make for a great campout.

We went to the beach with the hippocampe chair on a beautiful spring day. Theo liked going for a little ride!

After the engineers proved that they could drop eggs off of the balcony in specially designed containers safely, the next experiment was to blast them into the sky with the pop bottle rocket! And they survived. In the name of science we then launched eggs without the safety of the engineered safety cells. Not only did the eggs smash - they came within a metre of hitting me on the head!

Finally, a video of some egg launches, a beach run, and a dump truck!


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