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November 2022

The Orange Hippo's Canuck Place Fundraiser

Pic 1 was taken in 2018 and Pic 2 was at Halloween in 2021. The pic with the hands was from 2015 and the pic with the orange hippo was another from 2018. The picture with Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear was taken on October 31, 2022. That is Emmett and his little brother, Theodore.

Once again Emmett is holding a fundraiser for Canuck Place. Emmett welcomes you to join his fundraiser to raise money for this incredible organization. Donations made by clicking the link will be eligible for a tax receipt plus every dollar donated by you will be tripled by matching donations. Canuck Place Children's Hospice is there for families when they are overwhelmed by the extreme medical needs that a child in their family is facing. That is how we met Canuck Place in 2015. Emmett continues to be involved with Canuck Place and we appreciate having an opportunity to give back a little bit to them. There are two locations: one in Vancouver just minutes from BC Children's Hospital and one in Abbotsford.

Want to join the Orange Hippos? Well, you're already an Orange Hippo because you're reading this. If you'd like to support the many children and families who are supported by Canuck Place Children's Hospice, you can click here to make a donation: https://my.canuckplace.org/orangehippos

From an early age, as seen in the first picture above, Emmett has loved the colour orange. His favourite animal has been the hippopotamus. In 2018 there was a fundraising event and Emmett gave our fundraising team the name "Orange Hippos" and it has stuck.

Emmett's Goal for this year is $1000 and with your help he can make that happen. Emmett has raised $6225 over the years for Canuck Place. We think that this is the fourth year for Emmett's Orange Hippo's Canuck Place fundraiser and each year Emmett has gifted one of the participants with a special project. That will happen this year too - and you'll have to wait to see what the special project is! Like almost every 7 year old, Emmett loves surprises!

Click here to make a donation: https://my.canuckplace.org/orangehippos


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