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March 2022

Lumbar Puncture Update

Emmett's lumbar puncture proceeded normally on Wednesday. All was good and Emmett was back home before supper. It was sort of an exciting trip because we stayed at a hotel Tuesday night with an outdoor, heated swimming pool. We had good weather so we got into our bathing suits and it started to rain. We got down to the pool and it was pouring, but we went in anyhow. The rain was cold but the pool was warm. But as soon as we got in it was like a torrential downpour with hail-like stuff falling. We got out fast!!!

But what was fun has changed today. Emmett has not bounced back like he usually does (we have quite a track history to base this on as he has had either 23 or 26 lumbar punctures). He's in pain and quite uncomfortable. With some medication he was feeling well enough to read a story - this also distracted him from how he was feeling - (see the video story below) but by supper time Emmett was on his way back to BC Children's Hospital. He is being observed now.

Update: Friday morning at 8:41 and Emmett is scheduled to get an MRI sometime today.

Update #2: Friday morning at 11:30 PST. Prepping Emmett for the MRI. He's not a happy camper. The staff at BCCH have set him up with ear plugs, a monitor to watch his favourite show, and talked him through what is going to take place. It's a lot to ask of a little guy!

Update #3: Friday afternoon at 1:00 PST. Emmett watched a Disney movie while the MRI was happening. Josh said he was like a statue he was so still. And the little boy who doesn't even like the sound of a vacuum handled the noise of the MRI equipment well - good thing for video and headphones. That is one step complete - now to wait for the results.

Update #4: Friday evening - Emmett was discharged and is now home in his own bed. The MRI showed a small leak at the puncture site which has already sealed itself. That's what caused the pain. He's a different little boy already. He slept most of today. Thank you for your support and prayers. It's a good thing that it's another four months until the lumbar puncture. Sure hope that it will be uneventful!

Note: Set aside 15 minutes to watch this video. 

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