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March 2021

Happy Birthday!

Emmett is SIX today - on March 9, 2021.

Birthdays are very special. Emmett's birthdays are even more so. Last fall when it was obvious that the pandemic was going to have an impact upon our birthday celebration, we were not worried. Because this birthday the big surprise was to be in a big truck! And as Emmett's grandpa Roger works for Valley Carriers in Abbotsford, we had access to lots of big trucks. Emmett got to go to Valley Carriers' yard - when everything was closed down - and race around on his power chair and look at all of the heavy equipment. Grandma Rhonda had an amazing cake that was designed as a work area with trucks and heavy equipment. Uncle Ben ran the loader and put topsoil into the dump truck, and then Emmett got to ride in the dump truck (fully secured in his car seat, of course). Then he got to watch the dump truck dump the load onto his driveway. Then he got to work with the dirt (it was more than play and no, we really didn't get in the way. At least, not too much!) All in all, it was a fabulous 6th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Emmett!


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Looks like a fun day for all


#20 - March 3, 2021 is when Emmett received his 20th injection of Spinraza by lumbar puncture.

Also on March 3, 2021, Emmett's Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh had a baby boy who is named Elias Mark. Elias lives in Australia! Elias, mom and dad are now at home and all are doing well!

At BC Children's Hospital, everything went well. As you can appreciate, the POKE (as Emmett calls a lumbar puncture) not a highlight of Emmett's week, but he did enjoy seeing a lot of his favourite people at BC Children's Hospital. Plus, he got presents - a Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear figure set! He doesn't have a dozen of each yet, and he loves them! Seriously, the little kid who has been Woody the Cowboy for the last four Halloween's loves Toy Story toys and he will never have enough!

But enough of that. Did you know that Emmett is a soccer player. Did you know that 2 days after his lumbar puncture that Emmett was out playing soccer? Well, not on a team yet but maybe that will happen soon! You know how last blog we showed you a picture of Emmett playing soccer with a cardboard soccer bumper. Well, that proved to be a bit more dangerous than deemed safe. We were going to rethink our approach when we found out about Sportsablitly BC and we reached out to them. They have provided us with a loaner wheelchair soccer ball and a universal power soccer guard - one that won't allow the ball to go under the chair and risk causing a roll-over (that did not happen with the homemade cardboard one - but it was close!)

Huge thanks to Cheryl who introduced us to Jade at Sportsability BC, Emmett was very patient while Jade was hooking up the universal soccer guard to his power chair, but as it was almost bolted on Emmett said, "Let's Go! I want to play soccer!". And while it was a wet and windy day, we went out and had a lot of fun playing soccer. It was fantastic. Sportsability BC - thank you for making a little boy's day!

March 9th is Emmett's 6th Birthday. Stay tuned because you know that we will be celebrating - in a very pandemic responsible manner!


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