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September 2018

Three and a Half Years old: Watch these moves!

It was a little over two years ago that Emmett picked his head up off of his mommy's chest all by himself. Now he's holding his head 'while' being picked up by his daddy 'WHILE' lying on his tummy on the floor! This is an absolutely amazing first. Emmett, you are such an inspiration!

This next video is a little bit on the long side, but I love seeing his sense of humour. I love seeing how he conveniently ignores requests - in other words disobeys - in order that he can help and prolong staying out of bed! Ha ha ha. And most of all, I love watching Emmett wheel himself around. Emmett is wearing his back brace in this video clip. He can sit up but for longer periods of time the back brace is essential.

Of course, what does every little boy love to do when they go to the park ... you will notice at the end of the video clip that as strong as Emmett's neck now is, he does have some moments when he hits tree roots while off roading! But that didn't stop him. He just needed an adjustment ... and then he headed back to the smoother ground of the pathway.

We want to give you an update on the Orange Hippos fundraising results for CureSMA Canada at Florence and Charlie's 10K to End SMA. Our $6200 fundraising total was increased to over $8200 as Valley Carriers - where Emmett's Grandpa Roger and Uncle Ben work - made a substantial donation to CureSMA Canada. Thank you so much!

While we are saying thank you's we also have to thank Canadian Tire Abbotsford for supplying us with a Motomaster Pure Sine Power Inverter and a Motomaster deep cell battery. We have set this system up to provide 24 to 48 hours of electrical power to run Emmett's medical equipment in the event of a power failure.

While looking at the last couple of pictures with Emmett, the one on the bridge with the water is Mill Lake. Then we flipped to the next one and I said, 'Emmett, look! The Bridge at Mill Lake!' and he corrected me. 'No, grandpa. Bateman Park.'

And he was right! Smart kid.



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Wow! What a heartwarming blog this is - Emmett on the move. He is definitely the poster boy for the medication he is taking and for his own determination that the love and patience and perseverance of his parents and grandparents have nurtured! Thank you for sharing!
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Yay for the support of friends, family and community. So heartwarming and such a tribute to Emmett and his amazing family! I'm impressed by the ingenuity of the mini-wheelchair with the Barney-purple seat.