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May 2018

A Busy Boy!

Emmett is a busy boy. He is constantly on the go. This month our blog is going to be a photo montage of events Emmett has participated in - things he loves doing. Enjoy! We will start off with our little show off posing for the camera. To help keep things in perspective - when Emmett was one year old and then he would have to be 'posed' for a photo. And he was in that position until you moved him out of it. Now as a three year old he is able to pose himself! What a change!

In this series of photos, Emmett is considering a career in modelling. He's holding his face to, obviously, highlight his cheekbones!

The photos above are all taken in Emmett's front yard. The blossoms have been amazing, although late, this spring. As much as possible, Emmett loves being outside!

A day trip to Harrison Lake allowed Emmett some awesome scenery and to meet new friends.

Emmett loves playing cars ...

and he loved going to the race track to cheer on his grandpa and his grandpa's car. We were quite surprised that the noise did not bother him.

The aquarium is a really great place to visit. Although the Zoo is his favourite. Emmett knows how to spell Z - O - O so his mom and dad can no longer make plans by spelling the word!

The local tulip farm is incredible. A huge thanks to Canuck Place for hosting an evening there!

One last cheesy pose from a little boy who has stolen our hearts! 

Emmett has just had his power chair adjusted. Now his third gear is as fast as his fourth gear used to be. His fourth gear has jumped from the speed of a slow adult walk to a brisk adult walk. This little one is getting places faster. And that is a good thing, because Emmett is planning on going places!


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Already Emmett has had many adventures, and summer is only starting. I wonder where he will be seen next? May he enjoy many days of delight in this season of sunshine!