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Yes, Emmett has MORE Balloons!

Even More Balloons!

You may remember that I promised a long time ago, well just a few weeks ago probably, that I would make sure Emmett had helium balloons. The expression on his face is absolutely priceless. While there are some who have felt that I'd already gotten enough balloons, I have been on the hunt for more. I thought that DisneyLand would have some interesting balloons. And they did, sort of, but not ones that looked like they would last and not cause potential issues. For obvious reasons, latex style are being avoided and only foil will do. No foil balloons at Disney! That surprised me. So the search was on throughout the Pacific west coast for a 'better' balloon (well, we really only stopped at one store, but through the GPS we sort of looked!).



When Emmett looks up, he now sees what you see in the picture above! Four Balloons! As you can appreciate, when the older ones fade away, they are retired because they've completed their tour of duty. The expression on Emmett's face when the Mickey balloon appeared in his line of vision was priceless. And a couple of hours later when the giant Lightening MacQueen balloon arrived, it wasn't just Emmett's expression. It was also Alisha and Josh! More priceless looks - but no kodak moment as we were too busy watching to take pics at these moments. That last balloon is almost big enough to lift Emmett off of his crib. It blocks the sun like an eclipse ... we need to get a couple more!

Adults have a maze of balloons and ribbons to meander through to get any where in the house, but a promise is a promise. I will continue to keep getting balloons. I really don't think that there will ever be a time when Emmett has too many! Of course, I'm probably in the minority on this perspective, but within some sort of reason they will keep coming!

Of course, Emmett also needed to spend some time in his Jolly Jumper. He is so much more comfortable in it that it absolutely makes us all smile. The opportunity for him to be vertical is something he enjoys. And who doesn't like to bounce. So here are a few more pics of this special little boy. Plus a video of him playing with his balloons.



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Great photos and video! xo Aunt CA
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